Scalpay Linen is linked with joanne b. kaar - a papermaker based at Dunnet Head in Caithness.
We send all our off-cuts and waste linen - which previously had no use - to joanne, who makes it into beautiful linen paper.
Each batch of linen paper reflects the colours we have been using, so every one is completely unique and unrepeateable.
We have a small display of joannes' papers at our loomshed on Scalpay for visitors to see, and for more info

Raw material and finished Paper Book Detail of finished paper

Between 2010 and 2012 we wove cloth which is used in the blockbuster feature film "The Hobbit".  

And for the Hebridean Celtic Festival 2011 Headline act - KT Tunstall - we supplied some Harris Tweed together with Breanish Tweed for a jacket designed and made by Diggory Brown, South Dell, Lewis. 

 Our Tweed was the Orange and Brown broken stripes.

Picture courtesy of Leila Angus - Brighter Still

Scalpay Linen also featured twice on BBC R4 Womans Hour in 2011 - the first time when Sheila was interviewed by Dani Mitzman in connection with a new book - Harris Tweed From Land to Street by Lara Platman; and again as part of the occasional series "How Womans Hour Changed My Life", when Sheila recounted the story of how she was first attracted to handspinning some thirty years ago.

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