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Scalpay Linen is keen to support other small businesses, and also to provide links to other sites we feel may be of interest. If you would like us to link to your site, please contact us.

We are associated with joanne b kaar who makes beautiful hand-made paper from a variety of materials including our linen. joanne b kaar

For hand-made soaps without additives (I can highly recommend the lavendar and lime Celtic block) and superior liquid soaps (we wash all our wool products with the lemon and eucalyptus liquid soap)   Hebridean Soap Company

A local jewellery company produces items with both traditional and contemporary flavours.
Eilean Oir

The next link is to a company which supplied all our linen yarn when we first started trading.
We visited and have great memories of our time in Northern Ireland.
So, working on the assumption that there are some things you just can't beat!
- here is an array of beautiful bed and table linen.
Perfect for that special gift, or just to treat yourself...

A guide to the Inner and Outer Isles. Virtual Hebrides

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